Our Tablet

Portable and Mobile

  • Our Tablet PC is small light and portable
  • Dimensions-10.9" x 7.06" x 0.61" (276.7mm x 179.2mm x 15.4mm)
  • WEIGHT-1.9LB

Durable from the Inside Out

Our Tablet PC is designed for the challenging conditions emergency workers face every day and is far more durable than any other comparably priced tablet. Built around an internal frame for structural rigidity, our tablet is resistant to Water,heat,cold, and can be dropped from 5 ft and continue operating.

Superior Display

Our Tablet PC display is as tough as it is brilliant

Equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the resilient display material renowned for its strength (providing up to 4 times breakage resistance) and is the first 10-inch durable tablet that enables both touch, stylus, and speech recognition.

Extended Battery Life

Our Tablet PC works up to a full eight hours on just one battery charge, so workers don't have to waste valuable time re-charging.

CPU Designed for Tablets

Our tablet PC incorporates the Intel® Atom™ Z670 processor to provide the ideal balance between power and battery consumption. As a result, our tablet can run multiple enterprise applications, as well as deliver crisp, colorful HD video and graphics - all while providing up to eight hours of battery life.

Non-stop Connectivity

Mobile workers can't afford to be disconnected. That's why our Table PC offers a range of reliable wireless connectivity options to users worldwide. workers can connect in the way that best suits their needs, from integrated Bluetooth to wireless LAN to Gobi™ 3G mobile broadband which can utilize most major wireless phone carriers throughout the U.S. and North America.